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Celebrating the 4th of July

Fireworks have always been one of my favorite parts of 4th of July celebrations. There are few things that rival watching the skies light up on a warm summer’s night.
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The Industrial Internet of Things

The IOT has become so much a part of our daily lives – sometimes, admittedly, in fairly trivial ways. It’s good to be reminded that the IIOT is out there as well, changing the way many industries work.
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What’s brewing with AI?

Research published in Nature Communications described how AI models are being used to find not only how consumers will rate a beer, but also how to make a beer that’s better tasting.
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MIT Tech Review – Breakthrough Technologies for 2024

Each year, the MIT Technology Review takes a look at “promising technologies posed to have a real impact on the world.” And each year I enjoy taking a look through their picks. Not surprisingly, the first technology cited was AI. After all, something AI-related has had a spot on pretty much every future/breakthrough tech list […]
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Battery Progress

Across the boards in the tech world, things do tend to get smaller, faster, cheaper, and smarter. So it has been in the battery world.
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At Critical Link, we spend a lot of time thinking about processors, and some of that thinking is around ARM vs. RISC-V Instruction Set Architectures, or ISA’s, which are basically the go-between between hardware and software.
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